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Burn Hot & Clean

The highest quality wood pellets on the market

Low Ash & Less Dust

No residue because they burn incredibly clean

Longest Burn Time

Have the longest burn time among those on the market

About Our Company

How we manufacture our wood pellets

Our premium pellets contain the right wood mixture to produce very high heat with little ash. Lauzon controls the wood pellet mills that convert leftover residue into wood pellets. This high level of oversight during the manufacturing process ensures the production of quality pellets. The use of wood residues for pellet production demonstrates Lauzon's significant commitment to the environment through environmentally sustainable practices.

Sawmill Sawdust

Sawmills produce wood residues in the form of sawdust that can be generated in quantities through the log saw-milling process.

Our Products  

Planer Shavings

When possible, dry shavings are used. Thus, the drying step can be skipped. If the shavings are wet, then the drying process is required.

Our Products  

Chips (pure wood waste)

Chips are carefully screened to ensure they are of high quality, and any waste elements are removed. Waste elements can include particule such as sand, remaining bark or stones.

Our Products  

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